Why CTB?

Who is CTB? How do we work? What do we stand for? Are we a good fit for what you’re looking for? Perhaps the best way to help you find an answer to these questions is to show you why our clients have chosen to work with us. That is what this part of our website is about.

Big Picture 

We don’t just manage your investments. We bring a new perspective, a comprehensive approach, deep technical knowledge and compassion to successful families and individuals. We are concerned about the whole gamut of your financial life, caring for all aspects of your life that impact you financially, measuring and setting each piece of your puzzle together to best fit you and what you want to do.

Are you making all of your best choices? Do you have a tax strategy that harmoniously complements your investments, your family, and your plans for the future?

Check out this video, which discusses the importance of having a plan:

The Integration of Investing and Tax

For more than a decade, we have been spreading the word about the value of coordinating your tax plan with your investment plan. It's a powerful combination.

We add significant, real value to our clients each year through a thoughtful approach that we call Tax Return Construction. Think of all the ways taxes and investments are related.

Here’s a video that describes how this works in more detail:

Rational Investing

We build portfolios that you can understand, and that work over time. Portfolio that use academically-based, Nobel Prize-winning research gives you an evidence-based approach that works.

To learn more about how this works, watch this video of Mary’s Story, a story of one of our clients, whom we helped weather the inevitable storms of the market.

Ticket to Ride

Exceptional value for the cost of hiring and working with us. Most of our new clients get more out of our relationship for less overall cost than they used to pay. Some pay about the same. And a few actually decide to work with us, even though the move represents an increase in overall costs for them.


You are spending a lot of money on financial advice. Regardless of how big or small you may feel, we treat everyone the same. When you come into our offices and we close the door behind you, you are our only client.


By learning more about how things work, you can build a higher level of confidence. Our goal for you is that you don’t leave our office, until you understand, and are confident in what we are doing together.

We never “sell” to people, preferring to educate. Your understanding of how the machine works will give you stronger footing. It will empower you. In a new way, it will set you free.

Strong Resources

We have assembled a team of professionals , both inside our office and beyond, that spans all allied professions and includes both in-house staff, as well as outside colleagues. This “table of experts” allows us to bring a knowledge deeper than our own to each of our clients.

To learn more about working with CTB Financial, Click HERE to contact us and schedule an exploratory meeting (no cost and no obligation).

Come into our office, spend some time with us. We are a group of people who believes in face-to-face relationships, accountability and personal service.

Read what we have prepared for you here. If it sounds like the real deal, come on in.