About Us

CTB Financial Services was established in 2000, building on the brand and accomplishments of a 40 year old, traditional CPA firm. We focus on bringing an independent perspective, deep technical knowledge, compassion, education and a comprehensive approach to successful families and individuals.

Founded, owned and operated jointly by Chuck Brown and Jonathan Liang, CTB Financial Services operates as a Registered Investment Advisor. Only independent advisors have an ethical and legal duty to put their clients first. As such, we have a fundamental obligation to act and provide advice that is only ever in your best interests.

We are independent and objective. No one pays us but our clients, so we owe no loyalty to anyone but you.

Consider working with a financial advisor who always acts in your best interests by adhering to a fiduciary standard. You want someone by your side, someone who is committed to you and your success, someone capable and independent, with only one loyalty.

Our Clients

We serve predominantly individuals and families, business owners and retired people. Watch this video to learn more about where we came from: 


CTB Financial Services currently employs 8 professional staff, which together offers clients nearly 100 years of financial services and advice experience. Click HERE to meet the CTB Financial Team.

Firm Size

From its offices in Minneapolis, CTB Financial work with about 250 families and individuals across the United States.*

Investment Approach

Rather than recommending individual securities to our clients, CTB Financial builds portfolios using pure asset-classes following academic and behavioral economic studies. Each client’s asset-class allocations are customized for risk tolerance. Watch this video (from Dimensional Fund Advisors, whose funds we use to build portfolios for our clients) to learn more about this way of investing:

*As of December 31, 2019